Mood Patterns
Mood tracker & diary with privacy

Gain insights into your feelings

Mood journals and diaries are a great way to keep a record of your feelings, but Mood Patterns can do much more for you. It links how you feel to your location, company, and activity as well as to how you slept and to recent events in your life. Use it to explore the patterns in your mood.

Capture how you feel in your daily life

Classical diaries are great, but they have one major flaw- they are subject to recall bias. Some activities in our lives are more salient than others. We remember them better and more vividly and therefore often believe that they take a larger part of each day than they do. However, for most of us, routines fill the largest part of our daily life and those are often overlooked in diaries.

To capture all parts of your life that matter Mood Patterns uses a technique of the social sciences: ecological momentary assessment also known as experience sampling. It never asks you to remember anything but records how you feel right at the moment.

You are unique

Where we go, who we meet, and what we do is individual. With Mood Patterns, you do not have to choose from a fixed set of categories but can tailor your options to your personal needs. Be as nuanced as you like in configuring places, people, and activities.

During the assessment you do not need to scroll endlessly through the options you have created. As Mood Patterns gets to know you, it proposes the most probable options right at the top.

During analysis, multifarious data is not a problem, either. Mood Patterns allows bundling and filtering of entries to meet your needs.

Your data is yours

How you feel is sensitive private data. We believe it should not be carelessly entrusted to anybody. Mood Patterns does not request Internet permission, therefore no data transfer in the background without your knowledge is possible. Mood Patterns will not send us or anybody else your data.

Nonetheless, we believe that you should have full access to the data you produce. You can export all collected data as a SQL database anytime you like.

Your data is safe

Denying Mood Patterns Internet access frees you from the need to trust us, but what about others? An app lock assures that only you can use your Mood Patterns app. To prevent that the app lock is bypassed by connecting your mobile phone to a PC all data is 256-bit AES encrypted. Unfortunately, there is no 100% safety but Mood Patterns makes it hard to get your data without your consent.


The base App of Mood Patterns is free. Some features of the App require the subscription of a Pro Status (please see the play store entry for the price in your local currency). However, we strive to keep Mood Patterns useful even in its base version so that nobody feels pressured to upgrade to Pro. However, we are very thankful for every Pro subscription. Those are essential in further improving the app.

If you need Pro but cannot afford it, then please get into contact with us and we will work out a solution.


Are you a researcher and considering to use Mood Patterns in one of your studies?

Although Mood Patterns was not built as a research tool, it is applicable as such. Thanks to its customizability, it can be used for inexpensive (or free, if used for thesis research - see Thesis support) ambulant assessment in a wide array of scenarios. The main downside is that due to its privacy settings, no automatic upload is possible. Instead, participants need to actively share the data. On the other hand, this provides the participants data-sovereignty and may increase their compliance. Further, since no data is stored on any servers there are no issues with any data protection laws (e.g., GDPR). Another problem is that there is no central control. Still, there is no need to tediously set up the assessment protocol on each device, because it can be created once and then imported on all devices.

If you want to know more, then please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss if and how Mood Patterns can be integrated into your project. Coming out of academia ourselves, we are happy if our app can be useful to the academic community.